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Vienna Tattoo

Hi! I am looking for a couple of Vienna inspired tattoos to remember the time I lived there and a special person. One would be the Klimt sketch and the other would be the architectural style you have done before that I have uploaded but probably of the Karlskirche. I really like the third photo uploaded of one of your floral designs and I like the idea of having something on my forearm (inside) connected to something on my upper arm (outside) by a bold line. Finally, I would separately love one of your floral designs once they’re available, maybe on the other arm. Are they on the website?

Vienna would be the ideal city if you have availability on one of your upcoming trips. Thank you!

Leave in the comments any additional details about your idea. Feel free to share more images, budget, or additional questions. Write as many times you want.

Project Response

  1. Hallo Samuel,

    Thank you so much for getting touch, you probably already received a message from Morgan, right?

    I’m happy to say that Vienna would also be preferred for me 🙂 I live in this beautiful city and couldn’t be happier to know that you want a Klimt sketch tattoo. He’s actually the reason I decided to dive into visual arts, I’m incredibly happy to be living in this city with so much beauty all around.

    Will also be a pleasure to be working on another architectural project and I think we’ll have a lot fun with it. I’m here to be answering all your questions I’ll soon be sending the approved Date and Time that you picked and below is a little guide I share to explain how I work.

    I always try to reply to everybody as soon as possible so, I apologise in advance if I took some extra time. To make sure your booking process is fun and smooth I’ve set up this website with everything you need to know, before and after our session.

    Your new tattoo can be an exciting relaxing experience and to make this possible I work hard to keep a comfortable set up with open communication.

    If you need a different time, just let me know. You’ll be able to pick another one in the Calendar. A breakdown of pricing is available in the FAQ page.

    And for the past couple of years, I found that working in private (not a tattoo parlour) has much better results when considering the kind of workflow I have. I also believe to be the reason so many people feel confident when deciding to get their first tattoo. In some cities these spaces are rented others my living/working space.

    You are welcomed to bring someone along, but not a group of people :), this way we can avoid too many distractions. For your comfort, I often have refreshments and small snacks available. Once again, thank you so much and if you have any questions, please just write below.

    1. Hi! I’m really excited about my appointment and have booked the flights to come over ? could you let me know what the next steps are? Sorry, it’s my first one.. when would it be possible to see the design? Looking forward to meeting you! Samuel

      1. Hi Samuel,
        Thanks for the message and sorry for the late reply. Been having so many larger projects lately. I’ll be writing you in the next day or so to discuss all the details. My drawings session for your project is coming up soon and I’ll be happy to be sharing that with you. The studio address is, Weyringergasse 19, when arriving, please feel free to send a message at +1 323 454 3518 on WhatsApp or sms. Looking forward to be meeting you.

        Danilo Delfino

  2. Hi,

    Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. Hopefully you also got my email. I’ll be back in Europe at the end of month and it will be easier to keep in touch!

    I’ll send the deposit right away. Please let me know if the date isn’t available any more. Or if you work on weekends and have any spaces in November/December that would Be really useful.

    Thanks again!


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