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Over flowing with love and nature


I am thinking of doing this tattoos not the exact same way we would work over some more details such as which flowers I want, but the idea is the mason jar filled with roses and other sunflowers and Lillies.

Couldn’t find the exact dates for NYC, also how much are we thinking for this tattoo it would me approximately medium?


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Hi Andrea, How are you doing? I'm writing you here to make sure we are keeping things organised :) This afternoon I was answering all the messages and I quickly wrote an email about prices. To explain here, it should be around 2 hours of tattoo and since I did a few changes in the price, you won't be looking for more than $600, if that's comfortable for you, let me know. I already approved your date and time to secure that spot for you. October 20th at 11:00AM. As always, any questions, let me know and exciting to be seeing you soon.

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