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Need touch up on lines

Hi. I got my tattoo with you few weeks ago but needed a touch up on the lines as it’s faded in some areas. Thanks!

    Leave in the comments any additional details about your idea. Feel free to share more images, budget, or additional questions. Write as many times you want.

    Project Response

    1. Hi Ellen, how are you doing?!

      Thank you for writing. Hope you guys doing great.
      How’s the baby doing BTW? Finally some good weather around here and I was actually wondering how the tattoo have healed.

      I still haven’t planned another visit to New York and I wish I could be there before, but it should likely be July and/or August. I can keep you informed, when the new agenda is up you’ll get an email.

      Hope all is well and catch up soon!!!
      Would that be okay for you? I’ll be releasing

      1. Good good. Started my new job so I miss my baby a lot more but otherwise we’re all good and he’s eating well haha. Hope you’re bringing baby Calypso! Healed well just a few lines being so delicate faded during that time. Sure that works! See you soon! Enjoy that Austrian weather til then 🙂

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