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Plum blossoms with two snakes

Two snakes intertwined in plum blossoms, in a friendly/loving way. I am hoping this is a larger piece either on my back or on my leg. My parents are both born on the year of the Snake and they met in Wuhan, China where the symbolic city flower is the plum blossom ?


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    Danilo Delfino

    Hello Sophia, Thank you for getting in touch and your interest on a new tattoo from me. I always try to reply to everybody as soon as possible so, I apologise in advance if I took some extra time. To make sure your booking process is fun and smooth I’ve set up this website with everything you need to know, before and after our session. Your new tattoo can be an exciting relaxing experience and to make this possible I work hard to keep a comfortable set up with open communication. Also, In the Help link I have some interesting content about tattooing, skincare and just an overall do’s and don’ts for having a great time with the healing process. Scheduling: I’m excited to be working with you and this amazing concept, the placement in the body is already giving me so many ideas. However, I see you have planned to-do a year from now, right? Because, I've received a couple of invitations to be visiting California sometime this year. It's quite possible that it might happen around August or September. Would you want to consider around this time? In the link, Dates & Cities, I'll update my calendar with all the places I'll be visiting in this trip to California and you should also be notified via email. But, If you want to pick a specific time, reply to this message to suggest your alternative. Location: For the past couple of years, I found that working in private (not a tattoo parlour) has much better results when considering the kind of workflow I have. I also believe to be the reason so many people feel confident when deciding to get their first tattoo. In some cities these spaces are rented others my living working space. If you wish to read more about Locations, please visit the Help link. And before you wonder, yes… you are welcomed to bring someone along, although not recommended, mainly to avoid distractions, but +1 person is always super fine. I often have refreshments with small snacks in case you are hungry :) Once again, thank you, I look forward to be working with you, and If you have any questions, please reply below.

    Editor Admin

    Hello Sophia, Hope you are doing great, I'm getting in touch again to know if you are still interested in confirming an appointment with me. I have confirmed the dates for Los Angeles from the 6th to 14th of September. I also would like to say that I now have an assistant to help me out, her name is Morgan and she might be in touch to help out with details. Please let me know if you need any further assistance. Will be happy to help you confirm and schedule your appointment.

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