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matrix life

see picture enclosed


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    Danilo Delfino

    Hallo Harald, Thank you for getting in touch and your interest on a new tattoo from me. I always try to reply to everybody as soon as possible so, I apologise in advance if I took some extra time. To make sure your booking process is fun and smooth I’ve set up this website with everything you need to know, before and after our session. Your new tattoo can be an exciting relaxing experience and to make this possible I work hard to keep a comfortable set up with open communication. Also, In the Help link I have some interesting content about tattooing, skincare and just an overall do’s and don’ts for having a great time with the healing process. Scheduling: I’m comfortable and excited to be working with your reference but it would be great to know the placement in the body and overall, an image or two of a tattoo you like in the same body part. There will be sketches and concepts for us to work with but it’s very important I get your confirmation before I start working on them. In the link, Dates & Cities, you can choose the best date and time to schedule your session. Make sure you pick Vienna - Flash. You’ll be asked to confirm your info and the deposit that you must pay will be deducted from the project’s final price. If you need a different time. Choose the one that’s the closest to your preference and reply to this message to suggest your alternative. A breakdown of pricing is also available in the Help page. Location: For the past couple of years, I found that working in private (not a tattoo parlour) has much better results when considering the kind of workflow I have. I also believe to be the reason so many people feel confident when deciding to get their first tattoo. In some cities these spaces are rented others my living working space. If you wish to read more about Locations, please visit the Help link for the full article. And before you wonder, yes… you are welcomed to bring someone along, although not recommended, mainly to avoid distractions, but +1 person is always super fine. And for your comfort, I often have refreshments with small snacks available. Once again, thank you so much and if you have any questions, please reply below.

    Editor Admin

    Hallo Harald, Touching base to confirm if you still interested in booking/confirming a session. I sen't you a response a few weeks ago and still haven't got any answer. If you have any other questions or need help, I will be happy to assist you with. Looking forward to be hearing from you. Danilo

    harald stöffelbauer

    hey, after some time I found out to get here... :) so, before 4.Sept. will be difficult, but after 20.sept in vienna would be fine. What are your available days and time schedule? Did you see the picture? can we make something out of it? additionially there should also be a fox hidden somewhere (from little prince and the fox), maybe some text-passages hidden in the matrix or a abstract fox....up to you. cheers. harald

    Editor Admin

    Hey There, I’m glad you were able to find. I again, apologize for the confusion. After the 20th would be okay the 21st, 22nd and so on until before the 28th of September, I usually set time to be either at 11, at 14, or 17:00 but I’m flexible if you need something different than that. Since I just re opened the agenda for the second semester, there’s about 20 - 25 people I’m talking with to schedule dates, before the second week of October, but I’m giving the lovely people that are waiting the longest, like yourself, the choice to pick the date first. Your design is very elaborate, which I love it, and creating this “fantasy” like compositions are one of my favorite pieces to work on. Im aware of all the elements and that’s why I must say that due to the amount of details, it can take longer to come up with the final design in the skin. Which means, a longer session, but at the day we’ll have plenty of time to discuss placement, size and modifications so we are both happy. You can let me know what dates you prefer and I’ll send you the link for your confirmation so you can send it as soon as you feel comfortable. This helps me set up drawing session for the designs, the more time I have, the more I can explore your idea to the maximum. Along with a date, please also let me know what’s you comfortable budget, so we are all in the same page and not up to any surprises. I do work with a deposit to secure your spot and the amount is then used towards the tattoo final price. It’s set by PayPal at 300, so at the day if final project costs, let’s say, 500. You only have 200 left for the difference. This also includes a second session for details or touch ups that we might need for such a detailed piece. My session, for a medium sized piece with medium complexity, usually takes about 2 hours. So with the amount of details. It’s quite possible that we will be looking at 3 to 4 hours. If by any means you need to discuss or have more questions about the details on how I work, I’ll be happy to be answering all your questions. And again, thank you so much!!!

    harald stöffelbauer

    Hey, great! what about 27.09 from 2pm starting? cheers. Harald

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