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Floral design on arm

The two reference photos really show how I want the tattoo to sit. I like the idea of it wrapping around the arm.

I have a small bear tattoo on my wrist that I’d like to include in some way whether that be that the tattoo starts or ends there.


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Danilo Delfino

Hi Victoria, Thank you so much for reaching out. Love the concepts, placement, everything. I'm a big fan of floral tattoos, so I belive you are in good hands. Not sure how it would be to work with the bear you already have, but like I say, there's always a way for everything. If you can send some photo reference of the wrist with bear, thad be amazing. There'll be a few more details to be sharing with you, but since we are a bit short in time... To confirm please visit the link Dates & Cities in the menu or access http://www.calendly.com/danilodelfino Make sure you choose NY Flash and follow the steps. I’m in town until the 7th taking appointments until the 6th but if you need to discuss a different time. I’d be happy to be helping out ? Thanks a lot and hope to be seeing you soon.

Victoria Hallas

Hi! Sounds great. I'll send you a picture of the bear a little later. It's not that big and is just a silhouette. I was looking to get tattooed around my 30th birthday in early September. It's actually a birthday gift from my mom to me ha. I noticed you didn't have any dates that far out. Am I too early in contacting you? Do you know if you'll be in NY in August or September? Also I saw that the flash deposit was $350. Do you have an estimate of what the tattoo would cost total? Talk soon, Victoria

Danilo Delfino

Hey there, So sorry I haven’t checked how soon you were looking to get tattooed. Definitely not too early, this gives me even more time to prepare your perfect birthday gift ;) I can definitely confirm with you when next visit will be, NY is my second home, so I’m always around quite often and summer here it’s just amazing. I should know when my next visit will be in just a few days. Now, regarding prices, deposits are a bit higher because I live in Austria and with a lower deposit I used to have many last minute cancelations, changes that compromised the people that were really serious about their appointments. But this new price covers the first 1 hour - 1 hours and 30 minutes of a flash session. If design is very simple and quick to make, you don’t even need to pay anything extra at the day, tho tips are very welcomed, I definitely do not require them. But to be aware, most of my projects are usually priced in a total of of $650 - $750, about 2 hours and 30 minutes total. I also include up to 2 hours for preparation before starting the tattoo and (if needed) a touch up session in the following month or my next visit. :)

Editor Admin

Hello Victoria, It's been a while, but I'm happily getting in touch to announce my next visit to NY. You have asked me if I'd be in town August/September and I'm now confirming the dates. I'm sorry I didn't contacted before, but hopefully it's still enough time for you to make a decision. I should be there for a short visit on the 4th, 5th and 18th of September, I'd be happy to answer any questions and help you confirm a spot. There a few changes to the website but you free to visit the link below to pick a date and time: https://book.danilodelfino.ink/schedule-appointment/ I also would like to announce, I now have an assistant helping with scheduling ad other tasks. Her name is Morgan, and you might also receive a message from her. I'll be looking forward to you answer and hope to be working with you. Thank you, Danilo

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