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Ferns on wrist and upper arm

I’d like to have the ferns flow as if they wrap around my arm. I want 2 separate ferns one on my wrist and one on my upper arm. I really like the delicate look that you do so I would love to see what you come up with. I was thinking it would be roughly around 3×2 and 4×2 having the bigger size on my upper arm.


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Danilo Delfino

So excited, Cadey! Thanks for reaching out. This is such a cool project to be working on, as you can imagine, I love botanical pieces and ferns are so special. There many ways to design them and most recently I started to experiment with print making. Like stamping a real fern in the skin, a lot similar with the technique from the Ukrainian tattoo artists Rit Kit https://www.instagram.com/rit.kit.tattoo/ it gives so much freedom and we can have fun trying different combinations, placement, sizes... until we find the version you’ll like the most. I’m in town until the 7th taking appointments until the 6th but if you need to discuss a different time. I’d be happy to be helping out ? To confirm you just need to visit the link Dates & Cities in the menu or access http://www.calendly.com/danilodelfino Make sure you choose NY Flash and follow the steps. Deposit is charged upon your reservation and flash projects are priced roughly by the hour, in average $600 for a 2 hours session. Hope this answer all your question and I hope to be seeing you soon. If you need some quicker responses, reach me by text at 323 454 3518

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