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B&W Olive branch with Spike Nard on right forearm

For my first tattoo, I have been wanting an olive branch coupled with spike nard for a very long time. 3″ with clear contour lines, but realistic and shaded. B&W, angled and pointed down toward my thumb, on my right forearm near my elbow.

Olive trees don’t grow fruit until about 3-5 years. This is special to me, because I lived in the Middle East for 3.5 years and just recently moved back to America. My time overseas was life changing and was such a huge time of growth for me. This would mark a completed season, but also everything that my time in the desert meant for me.
The Spike Nard is from my favorite story in the Bible and is a reminder of loving God & people extravagantly.

I’ve wanted this for quite a while as both of these symbols tell of such special parts of my story, but had to wait until I moved back to America (where I am from). I am only in Brooklyn until May 12 and figured out schedules might just work out!

I saw that Nadia Andriu got her arm piece done by you. I love both of your floral work and would love something along those lines. I reached out to you in a DM today (April 29) via Instagram (@__graceandglory) and you said we could work together for my first tattoo while you are here in New York. Thank you so much! Truly looking forward to this.


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Hi April, You have recently received an email with some updates and I'm reaching out to confirm a visit to the US in the next few weeks. I just want to check how are you and your tattoo doing. Wishing you the best and I hope to be hearing from you. Best, Danilo

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