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Plant Vine on Arm Sleeve

Ok, so I really like how detailed your pieces are and that’s what I would like. I love the idea of plants on my as I am very much into botany and taking care of plants and nature. I’d like to think of me intertwining with nature half human and plant, ever-growing, shedding and re-blooming.

How soon can I set up an appointment.


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Danilo Delfino

Good Morning Andrea, Thank you for getting in touch and for this cool concept you are sending. I love working with botanical themes and I have a few plants in my arm myself. Is this your first tattoo? How big the vine can be? I’ll be creating a concept with the image of your arm and meanwhile if you’d like to share some more images, please feel free. I’ll be happy to be working with you. I’m visiting NY until the 6th and you should be able to pick the best date and time for you session at http://www.calendly.com/danilodelfino or here in the dates & Cities link. After deposit your session is confirmed and we’ll go through all the details to make sure you are getting an amazing tattoo. If you have any additional images or questions you want to share, feel free to write me. I also give my number in case you need to get quicker responses. (323) 454 3518, excited to be working with you and see you soon.

Andrea Cesar

Hello, No this isn’t my first tattoo, I’d like the leaves to be diff sizes, and some falling off from the vine. The vine can start from wrist going to the shoulder and branching out in the back? I know I would be putting a $350 dp about how much more do you think it will be? I wanted to know before fully putting the down payment?

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