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Jellyfish on forearm

I want the jellyfish to flow in between the smoke/ink and whale 🙂

Signifies my wife 🙂

It’s a symbol that will flow between the reminder to design and my favorite animal

Can’t wait to have you work on my arm again!

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Project Response

  1. Hey there Pedro,
    How’s it going my friend? Can’t wait to be working with you again. And btw, thanks for sending your request through here.

    I love your idea. I think will fit quite nicely with the rest of the tattoo and we can really explore the smoky effect to compose the jelly fish. It’s something meaningful to you so I’ll make sure to have some cool designs to show.

    I just confirmed a few dates for New York on mid April and you can have a look at Dates & Cities and see what’s available for this visit. Feel free to schedule the date and time that works best for you and make sure you choose New York – Flash Tattoo. If you need any help, please let me know.

    Great to hear from and catch up soon,

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