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Continuing the sleeve project

Whatever you have in mind. I will be in the States in the first week of July too, do you happen to be there around that time? Do you also already have your travel plan for the year? Probably when you will be either in Austria or Germany. Thanks, Dani!


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Danilo Delfino

Hey Fina, so good to hear from you. I’ve started to put together the dates for this year, not surprisingly, it’s been a bit tricky since I now have a little family that might be coming along to some of the trips. I already have plans to be in US in April, I can also definitely plan something for July as well, but if you want, I’ll be in Austria and Germany throughout the coming months, for sure. So, do you have any plans to be in Europe sometime? Can’t wait to be working with you again. Btw, how have you been? And thanks a lot for using the website, really helping me keep things more organized :) Have a look at the link Dates & Cities. I’ll be updating that in following days.

Fina Alatas

Hi Danilo, Likewise! It’s good to hear from you again and it’s really cool what you do with the website. Oh, btw, hello from London! This is my first time here and in Europe, actually. I’m here for a week for vacation. So, you are unlikely to be in New York early July, am I right? In that case, the more reason for me to visit you either in Vienna or Germany, then! How about in May? Do you happen to know where you’ll be?

Danilo Delfino

Hi there. Glad to hear about your plans. I’m right now returning to Europe but in the next few days I can give you a precise agenda for May. We’ll be landing in Barcelona tomorrow and alter have a New York trip planned, so it’s quite possible that Ill be in Berlin and Vienna for the whole month.

Fina Alatas

Hi Danilo, seems like I have to push my travel plan to even later months. This time it will be September and and November, still too far away from now so I will have to wait a little longer now :(

Fina Alatas

Hi again, Danilo. Just wanted to let you know that I'll be in Berlin on the first week of September (for about a week only). I really hope you will happen to be there as well during my trip for another session. Talk soon!

Danilo Delfino

That’s such a great news. I think I can definitely make that for that. I’m wrapping the trip to New York in 2 days and I can get back to you to confirm. Do you already know the exact dates?

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