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Compass rose and a trident

Danilo !

Want to either add to the original piece or create a new one

That and maybe a touch up on the anchor if you think it needs it or you feel like adding to it

Ill be around europe for two months March – May and leaving NYC in two weeks Let me know where you will be for what dates. I think an excuse to visit Vienna to get another tattoo with you would be pretty rad Hope all is well


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Danilo Delfino

Hey Aaron, So glad to hear from you. I finally updated my agenda and I have released the upcoming dates, cities, and time in the link Dates & Cities in the website. Hopefully, we’ll be able to schedule this meeting and If in Vienna, I’ll be extra happy to be showing you around. A pleasure to work with you again and to add some touch ups or details for the anchor.

Aaron Caputo

Hey Danilo I checked out the dates you are going to be in town. I might just catch you when you get back around the 4th. Still playing with ideas in my mind about a new piece but haven't fallen in love with any new concept. Maybe I can bounce some ideas off of you and see if you come up with another masterpiece. If anything you can check out how the piece from last year aged and you can be the judge if it needs a touch up since we will be in the same town anyways. On a different note, I am looking for places to stay in Vienna. Do you have any suggestions of what area I should try and stay in ? Hope all is well my friend

Danilo Delfino

So amazing to hear about that. We are now on the way back to Europe. It was a intense couple of days but very happy to be back knowing we’ll be meeting soon. I’ll make available the right dates so you can pick what works best and I’m also checking on a few places. Do you know the right dates you’ll be in town?

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