Welcome to my Bookings!

I’m always looking for new and interesting projects. I’m currently in Vienna. Soon visiting New York and Berlin.

Flash Day


I invite anyone interested in experiencing a fun tattoo session to come with a friend or family and just enjoy your new small design or lettering. Get something from my Wannados, sketchbooks, or bring your own.

“A Letter to NEW YORK”

From beginning to end, this and other stories that I’ve for a long-time dream of sharing, will soon have a place in my website. I thought it could be a great way to start our tattoo conversation.

Well, the list doesn’t have to be that short.

Where should I go next?

So, this is my bookings workflow.

Want to send your tattoo idea and see my available dates for your city? Continue below.

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My latest Wannados and Collectibles

How this works? These are design suggestions and should give an overall idea of the final artwork. You may edit any aspect of the design, but main characteristics should remain. After selecting your design, you may book your wannado session. There’s a small flate rate deposit to secure you a spot for either half or a full day session. Depending on the size of your design, you might need multiple sessions. To see the available dates and price of the Wannado Sessions, visit the Manage Bookings page. Or:


Before you continue, please read carefully:
– It’s okay to have no idea about the artwork. That’s why I’m here, but be 100% sure you want to have it.
– If you aren’t ready to invest comfortably, having a tight budget won’t help. Instead, maybe visit my Wannados Shop. You’ll be able to get  a customised existing available design at a fraction of a Full Day session rate.
– If you are looking to get a small design and think I should be the one doing it, look for the Flash Day sessions. I love working on small minimalistic and letterings, and I’ll continue to do so only on those days.
– Lastly, do not send a request if you aren’t at least 18 years old.

What now?

You can get a response the same week. But, it could also take a month, so that’s important to consider because the more unique you project are, the easier will be to have a special place in my heart, so I encourage you to do just that.


Passionate projects.


Btw, scheduling has been delicate because I’m still working with cancelled appointments from the lockdown period. I’m personally contacting every single one of you.


Working directly with you at the day of your session. More details soon.


Visiting Berlin, New York, and different cities in Brazil, also Buenos Aires, Miami, and Los Angeles. I hope to be soon visiting you all.


If your project is selected, you’ll get a quote for either half or a full day session, The deposit is used towards the final price, in case you miss your first appointment, it can be used to book a new session in the future, it’s non-refundable but with considerations during corona.

If you buy a Wannado design, you get a Wannado Session. This applies to every design available in the shop.


If your project is selected, you’ll be giving a quote and a deposit is required to secure your spot. Deposit is usually non-refundable and it can only be used to secure a new spot in the future. Conditions during Covid-19 may apply.